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Tower style soda fountain dispensers are just like the soda machines you see in restaurants and convenience stores. The only difference is that those dispensers also dispense ice in many cases. There are no soda fountain dispensers that make ice; the ice maker is always a separate piece of equipment that typically is mounted on top of an ice and beverage dispenser.

Soda tower dispensers are availble with lever or push-button dispensing valves. Add that to their small countertop footprint and you have a perfect beverage dispenser for your kitchen, rec room, den, garage, or anything else you can think of!

Soda guns (or bar guns) are popular dispensers in bar settings. They are convenient for dispensing multiple beverages without needing to move the cup or glass.

Soda guns can also dispense up to 14 different beverages (including water and seltzer) making them incredibly convenient.


These dispensers do not actually make soda on their own. They require additional equipment (syrup pumps, carbonator, tubing..) to be fully operational. If you're looking for a complete system, check out or